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As QTRA is applied by an increasing number of Registered Users, we are able to bring together the collective experience to refine and improve the system to become increasingly functional and robust.  Since the launch of the Registered User programme in February 2005, experiences and contributions shared on the QTRA Registered User internet Discussion List have informed modifications that have increased the functionality of the system.

User Manual and Sample Documents

Registered Users receive a User Manual, which sets out the principles of the system and its application.  Also provided is sample documentation such as Glossary of Arboricultural Terms, Survey Schedules for various survey scenarios and other useful documents.


Registered Users are provided with a manual calculator comprising three rotating vanes from which component probabilities are selected and their product calculated, and have access to the QTRA Calculator Web App.  Our Windows based software calculator program, which can be used as either a stand-alone application or integrated with commercial tree inventory software, is available for download by Registered Users. The QTRA calculator app can be used on most devices including smartphones and tablets and is available to try when you register interest on the QTRA website. But remember, QTRA should ony be applied in treesafety  management by people who have been trained in its use.

Directory of QTRA Registered Users

Registered Users have the option of being listed by region in the Directory of Registered Users where they can manage their own entries.  Users can also manage their own user profiles.

Tree managers and other clients can check that User Registration is current by entering the Registration number into our Registration Checker.

Shared Documents

Documents are available to all visitors to the QTRA website on the Downloads page with everyone having access to view or download the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Practice Note, a non-technical summary of the method, various published articles and other documents pertinent to tree safety management.

When you have Registered Interest and selected a Username and Password you can view or download the Registered User Licence Agreement and other documents.

Registered Users have access to additional downloads including the Registered User Logo, User Manual, Updates and document templates.