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QTRA Australia

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Quantified Tree Risk Assessment in Australia

An overview of the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system presented at the Tree Logic series of Urban Tree Risk seminars in April 2006 stimulated interest in the system amongst arborists in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Following these seminars, we have run several QTRA and Visual Tree Assessment workshops in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The workshops have been very well recieved and Australian arborists in particular are discussing and contributing to development of the system.

Future Licensed User Training Workshops

We  will schedule training in response to interest registered on the QTRA website. Please Register Interest if you are interested in either QTRA training or our 'Practitioners Guide to Visual Tree Assessment'.  The one–day QTRA training workshop is limited to 15 delegates and will follow a tried and tested format incorporating both the theory and practice of the system. The Practitioners Guide to Visual Tree Assessment' workshop is limited to 20 delegates and intoduces a fresh approach to the assessment of tree stability.

Register Interest in QTRA training and we will send you an Introductory Information Pack and keep you informed of progress in Australia.