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Although the data within the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system is self-consistent, its application by untrained personnel leads to misapplication of the method.  The Registered User programme aims to ensure that the value of the QTRA system is maintained through consistent application and ongoing development.

Registered Users have attended training and have been instructed in the principles of probabilistic tree safety management and application of QTRA.

User Registration is not restricted to arborists.  Because QTRA is 'target' led, personnel involved in site management have an important role in the QTRA process.

Registered Users are urged to recognise where their skills lie and to understand that an arborist is sometimes as ill-placed to quantify the value of targets as a building surveyor is to assess the stability of trees.

Register Interest in QTRA training and we will send you an Introductory Information Pack and keep you informed of developments and training events.  When you have registered interest, you can select an event from our Training Calendar and make an online booking.